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Everything to know about Robla Solo

Everything to know about Robla Solo

Robla solo

Robla Solo MIL

The barrel cleaner Robla Solo MIL is the logical development of Robla Solo, with which even better results can now be achieved – it is so convincing that Robla Solo MIL is also being used by special forces units.
Robla Solo MIL dissolves tom- bac, copper, zinc and lead deposits in the barrel automatically and reliably and thus improves shot precision when projectile deposits are the cause. As a tried-and-tested barrel cleaner, Robla Solo MIL attacks neither steel, nickel nor chrome and is thus suitable for all guns.
• Dissolves deposits of copper, tombac and lead as well as soiling due to nickel projectiles
• Does not attack steel or chrome and reaches areas that are difficult to access
• Also suitable for filling the entire barrel
• Optimized and developed in collaboration with the military-technical service center in Erding

Load development and The pursuit of accuracy.

We have all heard the old adage that " my gun shoots better with copper in the bore". I too have made the same statement with an old Mauser I once owned and it was undoubtedly true that for a while the ammunition seemed to like the coppered up barrel.
However once that accuracy drops away you have to clean the bore and cannot just clean it back to the point it was accurate again. So maybe after two hundred rounds you hit that spot again? that's an expensive way to go.
What we need to have is a consistent base line to work from especially when developing loads or selecting the factory ammunition your rifle likes.
Start with a clean bore and find the load that works. Each testing session should start with a clean bore so that once you have the right load you can easily go back to your base line once accuracy starts to drop away.
If I start with a clean and foul free bore and get great results with a certain bullet then I know that I can return to my base line once that starts to drift by cleaning again.
I prefer to find the ammunition or load that works best with a clean bore to start with and do the work there rather than find out after cleaning the barrel, which we have to do eventually , that the ammunition I love no longer gives me the same result.

Using Robla Solo Mil.

Always make sure the gun is empty and there is no ammunition around.

For copper solvents to work efficiently it is best practice to remove the shooting residue first. For this we run a couple of wet patches of Ballistol through the bore followed by a ten minute period ( cup of tea) to allow the Ballistol to work its magic.
Follow with your usual brushing routine, I tend to make a pass with a bronze brush for each round I have fired, up to about twenty passes, after then it makes little difference in my experience, unless the gun is badly maintained in the first place.
After brushing I run a couple of wet patches down again of Ballistol and then dry patch until more or less clean.
I follow this with a wet patch of Ballistol Gunparts cleaner to remove any remaining oil. This evaporates quite quickly.

Then I Run a couple of wet Robla Solo patches through the bore and wipe any excess from around the muzzle or action etc with a dry cloth. Leave this for ten minutes and then run another patch or two of the Robla solo Mil down, Dry patch it out and always finish with a patch of Universal oil to neutralise any remaining solvent.
Before my trip to the field or range I run a couple of dry patches through the bore. See our next article on oil shots,

All our information is also available in the Guncare Guide