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Dry Cleaner & Detailer

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Dry Cleaner and Detailer

The quick cleaning, varnish care for all types of vehicles. Dissolves light and medium-sized dirt such as splashes of dirt, pollen, limescale and rainwater stains as well as fingerprints. Can be used on paint, chrome and plastic surfaces.


  • Gentle express care
  • Cleaning without water
  • Brilliant lacquer finish
  • Excellent roll-off effect
  • Gives an extremely deep shine through high-quality polymers and waxes
  • Refreshing colors for plastics
  • Refreshes existing wax treatment
  • Also suitable for foil wrapping (partial and complete wrapping)

Tip: For a perfect lacquer finish after washing, spray onto the still damp surface and then dry completely with a microfiber drying cloth.

Using the waterless wash

Apply evenly to the surface and wipe with a soft cotton cloth or short pile microfibre cloth.  Then use a dry, soft deep pile microfibre cloth to wipe up the excess residue.

Note: Do not use in the blazing sun or on heated surfaces. Do not let it dry out. Protect the contents from frost.

Material compatibility: chrome, plastic, varnish.

Contents: 750 ml with a pump spray head.