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Specialist Cleaners

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Specialist Cleaners for Gun Maintenance and Weapon Cleaning

Plastic Cleaner

The Ballistol Plastic Cleaner is your ultimate solution for effectively cleaning all types of weapon-related plastics. It is specially formulated to remove even the most stubborn dirt, grease, soot, sweat, smoke, and adhesive residues. With its powerful cleaning action, it restores the pristine look of your firearms, weapon cases, and bags. The mini pump sprayer, equipped with a lock feature, ensures precise application without any accidental spraying. Trust in the tested and recommended performance of Ballistol Plastic Cleaner by Steyr Arms.


  • Powerful formula eliminates stubborn dirt and residues
  • Specially designed for weapon-related plastics
  • Mini pump sprayer with lock feature for controlled application


  1. Quickly spray the parts to be cleaned
  2. Allow the cleaner to penetrate and work its magic
  3. Thoroughly wipe off with a microfiber cloth for a pristine finish
  4. Experience fast drying for convenient use

Gunparts Cleaner

The Ballistol Gunparts Cleaner is the result of over 110 years of expertise in gun maintenance and weapon cleaning. Its advanced formula ensures thorough and rapid cleaning of all firearm surfaces. No matter how stubborn the dirt may be, the sturdy nylon plug-in brush and high spray pressure effortlessly remove it without causing any damage. This cleaner reaches even the most inaccessible areas, leaving your firearms spotless and functioning optimally. The refreshing citrus scent adds a pleasant touch to the cleaning process.


  • Efficiently cleans all firearm surfaces with ease
  • Gentle yet powerful cleaning action for delicate parts
  • Sturdy nylon plug-in brush for tackling stubborn dirt
  • High spray pressure ensures thorough cleaning
  • Enjoy the refreshing citrus scent during the cleaning process


  1. Apply the cleaner generously to the desired surfaces
  2. Allow the cleaner to penetrate and loosen dirt and grime
  3. Rinse away the loosened dirt and residue for a pristine finish
  4. Experience the cleaner evaporating without leaving any residue behind

Silencer Cleaner

Cleaning silencers can be a daunting task, especially when they cannot be dismantled. Fortunately, the Ballistol Silencer Cleaner provides a hassle-free solution. Its specialized formula effectively dissolves and neutralizes combustion residues, making cleaning a breeze. Designed specifically for silencers with narrow sections, fins, and small holes, this cleaner ensures thorough cleaning even in the most challenging areas. For added convenience, it can also be used in a sonic cleaner to achieve optimal results.


  • Dissolves and neutralizes combustion residues in silencers
  • Perfect for silencers with narrow sections, fins, and small holes
  • Simplifies the cleaning process for even hard-to-reach areas


  1. Apply the cleaner directly to the dirty silencer
  2. Allow the powerful formula to penetrate and dissolve residues
  3. Thoroughly clean the silencer, leaving no traces of residue behind
  4. Consider using a sonic cleaner for enhanced cleaning results

Elevate your gun maintenance and weapon cleaning routine with Ballistol Specialist Cleaners. Choose the Plastic Cleaner, Gunparts Cleaner, or Silencer Cleaner, and experience the unrivaled cleaning performance trusted by professionals. Ensure your firearms and related equipment remain in top condition, allowing you to enjoy optimal performance and longevity. Trust in Ballistol's over 110 years of expertise to keep your weapons pristine and functioning flawlessly.

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