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Official Ballistol UK - Trustpilot ★★★★★

Ballistol Today


BALLISTOL is a traditional family-owned company, the products of which have been manufactured in Germany for more than four generations and are now distributed all over the world. The core product Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil was originally developed as a wound and weapon oil for the German Imperial Army, and has been valued for many decades as a universally usable multi-purpose oil.

After the great success of Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil, the company was constantly expanded, production enlarged and the range successively broadened.

BALLISTOL now sells well above 80 items – from special oils, cleaning agents, and weapon-care products, to technical oils for production, workshops, and crafts, to care products and mosquito repellents for people and animals.

For BALLISTOL, traditional values of down-to-earthness and quality come first, securing valuable jobs in the production site Germany.