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Ballistol Range Kit

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An extremely sturdy bag that holds everything you need for quick and thorough weapon care in a small space. This is the weapon cleaning kit from Ballistol

The Cleaning Rod

The Ballistol cleaning rod consists of five metal elements. The first element is equipped with a folding handle and has a wiping length of about 18 cm. You can attach up to four of the supplied extension elements to this basic element one after the other and gradually achieve a wiping length of up to approx. 90 cm + felt holder. Therefore, the Ballistol cleaning rod is equally suitable for handguns, rifles and shotguns. Every single element is equipped with a non-slip zone, which makes it easy to tighten and loosen even with oily fingers.

Use Other Felt Holders Or Brushes With This Cleaning Rod

If you use standard 1/8 inch cleaning rod attachments, such as bristle brushes, wool wipers and bronze wire brushes from AKAH or other manufacturers, you will find the right adapter for 1/8 inch threads here. With this adapter you can also use the large Ballistol felt holder for up to three felts.

The Outdoor Bag

The weapon cleaning bag is equipped with a robust zipper that can be opened or closed from two sides. Two thick cords as pull rope. The bag is equipped with 3 compartments and 11 fixing loops for attachment of cleaning utensils. The bag is generously dimensioned, so that besides the scope of delivery you can also put in other weapon maintenance tools, such as a precision oil pen or weapon cleaning instruments and a lot more to accommodate.

In Addition

This weapon cleaning kit, we also offer the well known Ballitol Gun Care Kit and the Ballistol Browning Kit.

Universal weapon care cloth for all surfaces and all chemicals. The weapon kit contains:
  • A five-part robust cleaning rod of approx. 18 to 90 cm wiper length with accessories for .22 caliber (rifles) to 12 (shotguns).
  • 50 ml Ballistol Spray for more than 1000 purposes.
  • 30 ml Guncer ceramic gun oil for professional lubrication of all weapon parts.
  • 30 ml Robla Solo Mil barrel cleaner ‐ the multiple test winner.
  • One Ballistol disposable cloth.
  • One insect protection disposable cloth.
  • One animal animal care oil disposable cloth.
  • One Neo Ballistol home remedy disposable cloth.
  • Ballistol cleaning felts six of each caliber .22, 7.5 mm and 9.3 mm.
  • One Ballistol weapon cleaning cloth.
  • One cleaning-felt holder for the cleaning rod.
  • An elongated mirror with gives you a view in the barrel and cartridge chamber.
  • A double-sided cleaning brush with sturdy nylon bristles.
  • A very robust outdoor bag with zipper and many compartments and belt loops.