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O-PUR portable oxygen can was developed both for healthy, active people who wish to inhale some “energy” as well as for persons suffering from transitory and light respiratory problems.

The capacity of O-PUR portable oxygen can is 8 liters for 70-80 breaths, contains pure oxygen without additives, preservatives, flavoring agents, powders, etc.

O-PUR portable oxygen can weighs just 160 grams and is ideal for emergencies, difficulty breathing, anxiety, lack of energy, etc. Enhances the endurance and the recovery from mental and physical stress by increasing the oxygen of blood. After taking 10 breaths, the oxygen level in the blood rises up by 30%.

Just a few inhalations of oxygen offer physical revitalization stimulant such as caffeine. It is a source of energy for tired people or for people who are very active. This oxygen can is an aid to persons with asthma problems, elders, after allergic shock, smoking, etc., recommended for use before or after any strenuous physical or mental fatigue and minimizes the harmful effects of smoke and smog.

In order to use the O-PUR portable oxygen can detach the inhalation mask from the bottle and invert the mask and reinsert it into the bottle so that the bottom of the mask to apply to the discharge valve of the bottle. Holding the bottle in one hand, apply the inhaler into the mouth so that the recess to apply in the nose. While you inhale, press with the other hand the ledge at the bottom and front of the mask to release oxygen. At the end you do not press the tab because oxygen is lost unnecessarily. The procedure can be repeated as often as you wish.

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