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Metal Care

Ballistol is a versatile lubricant and protectant that finds wide application in various industries and scenarios due to its unique properties:

Sweat and Metal Surfaces

Human sweat is composed of amino acids and is, therefore, of a slightly acidic nature. When sweat comes into contact with polished metal surfaces, it can cause undesirable effects similar to the etching process. This is particularly problematic in fine mechanics and precision instruments. To address this issue, Ballistol is widely used in:

Applications Industry
Precision gauge and tool industry Manufacturing of precision gauges, tools, and instruments
Production of scales Manufacturing of scales and other precision measuring devices
Quality control departments Ensuring the protection and maintenance of precision gauges and measuring tools
Laboratories Preserving the accuracy of precision instruments in research and testing environments

Protective Film and Penetrant

One of the key characteristics of Ballistol is its ability to form a protective film on the surface of metals. Due to its low superficial tension, it can penetrate even the finest cracks and fissures in metallic surfaces, making it an excellent "penetrant." This property allows Ballistol to be used for:

  • Protecting metal surfaces from corrosion and oxidation
  • Preventing the formation of rust and other detrimental effects
  • Loosening frozen nuts and bolts by penetrating and lubricating them


Ballistol is not limited to specific applications but can be utilized in various scenarios where lubrication, protection, and maintenance are required. Some of the diverse applications of Ballistol include:

  • Treating tight or squeaky hinges to ensure smooth operation
  • Applying to door locks and padlocks for lubrication and corrosion prevention
  • Maintaining and preserving gardening tools, lawn mowers, scissors, and pocket knives
  • Using as a sharpening oil for blades and cutting tools
  • Applying to bicycles, motorcycles, model trains, roller blades, skateboards, ski bindings, and edges for lubrication and protection
  • Polishing silver and brass surfaces to restore their shine and prevent tarnishing
  • Providing protection to surfaces even when exposed to water

Emulsifies with Water

One of the distinguishing features of Ballistol is its ability to emulsify with water. While most lubricants would separate from metal when in contact with water, Ballistol mixes with the water and penetrates it. As the water evaporates, Ballistol remains behind, continuing to protect the metal, plastic, or wood surfaces. This property enables Ballistol to be used effectively in scenarios where water is present, ensuring long-lasting protection and maintenance.