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Official Ballistol UK - Trustpilot ★★★★★

Universal & Plastic Cleaner

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Ballistol Universal and Plastic Cleaner

High dirt dissolving power
For all surfaces
With fresh fragrance
Removes 99.9 % of bacteria

Ballistol Universal and Plastic Cleaner with extreme dirt dissolving power. All dirt, soot, grease, oil, nicotine and insect remains are reliably removed after only a short contact time.

For cleaning all surfaces in the car, household and industry (e.g. for plastic parts, blinds, seat covers, textiles, artificial and smooth leather, furniture surfaces, garden furniture, tarpaulins).

Treated surfaces are dust and dirt repellent and antistatic. The product is very economical and gentle on materials due to the use of high-quality, gentle surfactants. Ballistol Universal and Plastic Cleaner is silicone and solvent-free and has a fresh scent. For light soiling, the highly concentrated cleaner can be diluted. The use of a microfibre cloth increases the cleaning result.

750ml pump spray