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Robla Solo Mil

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Robla Solo MIL Barrel Cleaner

Robla Solo MIL Barrel Cleaner is the ultimate solution for firearm enthusiasts who demand the highest level of cleanliness, precision, and longevity. Tested and proven in the field of military use, it offers unmatched benefits for users.


Unparalleled Cleaning Power:

The powerful formula of Robla Solo MIL effectively dissolves residues of copper, tombac, zinc, and lead – the number one enemy to the precision of a gun. It ensures thorough cleaning, leaving no trace of harmful build-up.

Safe for Surfaces:

Robla Solo MIL is designed to be gentle on firearm surfaces. It safely cleans steel, chrome, and nickel without causing any damage or corrosion, preserving the integrity of your weapon.

Trusted by Professionals:

Used by military special forces, law enforcement agencies, and snipers, Robla Solo MIL is a trusted and preferred choice for those who rely on the utmost precision and reliability from their firearms.

Easy to Use:

Robla Solo MIL's user-friendly application makes maintenance a breeze. Simply plug one side of the barrel, pour the cleaner, and let it work its magic. For minor residue, a soaked tow or felt stopper can be used. It saves you time and effort while delivering exceptional results.

Comprehensive Care:

With each purchase of Robla Solo MIL Barrel Cleaner, you receive a helpful guide titled "Guide To The Care Of Weapons." This resource provides valuable hints and tips for proper firearm maintenance, ensuring you get the most out of using Robla Solo MIL.

Product Information:

Product Name Robla Solo MIL Barrel Cleaner
Application Firearm barrel cleaning
Formulation Special compounds including ammonia
Suitable Surfaces Steel, chrome, nickel
  • Heavy Residue: Plug one side of the barrel, pour Robla Solo MIL, wait a couple of hours or overnight, remove the stopper and let it drain.
  • Minor Residue: Use a soaked tow or felt stopper to remove residue by pulling through the barrel.


"Robla Solo MIL has become an essential part of our firearm maintenance routine. Its cleaning power is unmatched, and it has never let us down in the field. Highly recommended!" - Captain Smith, Special Forces

"As a sniper, precision is everything. I trust Robla Solo MIL to keep my rifle in top shape. It's easy to use and ensures my weapon performs flawlessly every time." - Sergeant Johnson, Sniper Unit

Elevate your firearm maintenance routine with Robla Solo MIL Barrel Cleaner. Experience unparalleled cleaning power, surface safety, and the trust of professionals. Invest in Robla Solo MIL today and keep your firearms in peak condition.

Tested and unsurpassed in the field of military use! What is good has got one enemy – that which is better.

This is the reason why Robla Solo was developed further and replaced by Robla Solo MIL. On the basis of the excellent results obtained during a series of tests performed by the German Army’s Institute of Military Research, there followed the decision to use Robla Solo MIL with the special forces units of the armed forces. Used also by law enforcement agencies and snipers where precision is of the utmost concern.

Robla Solo MIL consists of very special compounds including ammonia. This formula has not only the power to dissolve any residue of copper, tombac and zinc but also lead, the number one enemy to the precision of a gun. Steel, chrome and nickel are not attacked by Robla Solo MIL In case of heavy metal residue it is a good idea to put Robla Solo MIL into the barrel, which must be plugged on one side by means of cork or gum stopper, and then wait for a couple of hours, best overnight, until Robla Solo MIL has done its job. If there is just slight residue to be removed, it suffices to pull a tow (Sucol, Sucolin or Sucolin Extra) or a felt stopper soaked with Robla Solo MIL through the barrel several times.

Further valuable and important hints are to be found in our Guide To The Care Of Weapons or in the leaflet included in the package.

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