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Official Ballistol UK - Trustpilot ★★★★★

Motor Vehicles

The perfect oil, no matter where you are.

While Ballistol can lubricate and protect anything in and on your car or motorcycles, some applications may appear surprising and deserve mentioning.

Ballistol will prevent your door locks from freezing in the cold season. It will keep your battery terminals corrosion free as well as neutralizing excess acid around your batteries, which is a frequent cause of corrosion of terminals and connecting cables.

When washing your car, put a few drops of Ballistol into the last bucket of water, rinse and dry with a clean cotton cloth. This will definitely brighten up your car’s paint.

Ballistol also removes tar and insect stains from cars, inhibits corrosion from salt and salt water, winterizes motors, and neutralizes acidic residues from fuel combustion in engines.