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Discover the Benefits of Ballistol Animal Care Oil

Discover the Benefits of Ballistol Animal Care Oil

Ballistol Animal Care Oil is a premium, multi-purpose care oil that has been trusted for over 60 years. Produced using natural ingredients to pharmaceutical quality, it provides comprehensive care for pets and livestock. This versatile oil is ideal for grooming, hide care, tail care, paw care, and ear care for all animals. Here’s a detailed look at its benefits and applications.

Comprehensive Animal Care

Ballistol Animal Care Oil is specially formulated to provide a wide range of benefits for animals. It is completely safe for use on pets and livestock, offering protection and care without any harmful side effects.

Applications and Benefits:

  • Wound Treatment: Ballistol Animal Oil is excellent for treating wounds. It softens and smooths the skin, aiding in the healing process and preventing scars. This makes it ideal for use after injuries.
  • Itch Relief: The oil alleviates itching caused by insect bites, skin irritations, or chafing. A few drops applied to sensitive areas can provide immediate relief.
  • Paw and Hoof Care: In winter, Ballistol Animal Oil can be used as a preventive measure against soreness caused by road salt and icy conditions. For horses, it is ideal for maintaining healthy hooves. Clean the hooves and apply the oil to keep them moisturized and protected.
  • Ear Care: Use Ballistol Animal Oil to clean the outer ears of pets, ensuring they remain free from dirt and infections.
  • Skin, Tail, and Coat Care: The oil promotes hair growth in areas of chafing or sores. It also keeps the coat, mane, and tail of horses shiny and healthy. Applying the oil to the tail and mane and brushing it through helps dissolve crusts and leaves the hair smooth and loose.

For more information on Ballistol Animal Care Oil and other animal care products, visit the Ballistol Animal Care page.

Features and Safety

Ballistol Animal Care Oil is known for its safety and effectiveness. It has been extensively tested and has no known side effects. Accidental ingestion, such as when animals lick their fur after application, is completely safe.

Key Features:

  • Natural Ingredients: Made with natural, plant-based active substances.
  • Safe for Ingestion: Completely harmless if accidentally ingested by licking the coat or fur.
  • No Side Effects: Thoroughly tested and proven to have no adverse effects.
  • Biodegradable: Environmentally friendly and safe for regular use.
  • Free from Harmful Substances: Contains no acetone, resin, PTFE, silicone, or acid.

For more details on the ingredients and safety measures, check the Ballistol Ingredients page.

Product Information Table

Feature Description
Protection Soothes and heals wounds, alleviates itching
Ingredients Natural, plant-based active substances
Safety Completely harmless if ingested, no side effects
Biodegradability Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
Free From Acetone, resin, PTFE, silicone, and acid-free
Applications Wound treatment, paw and hoof care, ear cleaning, skin, tail, and coat care
Product Code 29412

FAQ about Ballistol Animal Care Oil

  1. What is Ballistol Animal Care Oil?

    • Ballistol Animal Care Oil is a versatile, natural oil designed for comprehensive animal care, including grooming, wound treatment, and itch relief.
  2. Is Ballistol Animal Care Oil safe for ingestion?

    • Yes, it is completely harmless if accidentally ingested by animals.
  3. How do I apply Ballistol Animal Care Oil for wound treatment?

    • Apply a few drops to the affected area and gently rub it in. Repeat as necessary until the wound is healed.
  4. Can Ballistol Animal Care Oil be used on all types of animals?

    • Yes, it is suitable for all pets and livestock.
  5. What are the key benefits of using Ballistol Animal Care Oil?

    • It provides wound care, alleviates itching, promotes hair growth, and maintains healthy paws, hooves, and ears.
  6. Is Ballistol Animal Care Oil environmentally friendly?

    • Yes, it is biodegradable and free from harmful substances like acetone, resin, PTFE, silicone, and acid.
  7. How do I use Ballistol Animal Care Oil for ear cleaning?

    • Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and gently clean the outer ear.
  8. What should I do if my pet licks the oil?

    • There is no need to worry as the oil is completely safe if ingested.
  9. Can Ballistol Animal Care Oil help with winter paw care?

    • Yes, it provides preventative protection against soreness from road salt and icy conditions.
  10. Where can I purchase Ballistol Animal Care Oil?

For more information on Ballistol Animal Care Oil and other products, visit the Ballistol UK website.