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Ballistol Weapon Care Range

Ballistol Weapon Care Range

Gunex Gun Oil: Gunex Gun Oil is a high-quality lubricant designed to protect and preserve firearms. It provides long-lasting lubrication to ensure smooth operation and helps prevent corrosion and rust.

Silicon Oil: Silicon Oil is a versatile lubricant suitable for various applications. It is commonly used to lubricate moving parts of airsoft guns and other mechanical components. It offers excellent protection against wear and tear.

Vaseline Gun Grease: Vaseline Gun Grease is a petroleum-based grease specially formulated for firearms. It provides heavy-duty lubrication and protection against corrosion, making it ideal for high-friction areas like slides, rails, and other metal-to-metal contact points.

Specialist Cleaners: offers a range of specialist cleaners designed to tackle specific cleaning needs. These cleaners can effectively remove fouling, carbon buildup, and other contaminants from firearms without damaging the surfaces.

Guncer Ceramic Oil: Guncer Ceramic Oil is a high-performance lubricant that contains microscopic ceramic particles. It forms a durable film on metal surfaces, providing enhanced lubrication and reducing friction for smoother operation.

Robla Solo Mil: Robla Solo Mil is a powerful gun cleaner that removes stubborn fouling, copper deposits, and lead residue from barrels and other metal surfaces. It is highly effective and helps maintain optimal accuracy and performance.

Ballistol Universal Oil: Ballistol Universal Oil is a versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications, including firearms, tools, machinery, and more. It acts as a lubricant, cleaner, and protectant, offering comprehensive care for various surfaces.

Ballistol Gun Care Kit: The Ballistol Gun Care Kit includes a selection of essential products for firearm maintenance. It typically includes cleaners, lubricants, and protectants to cover all aspects of weapon care.

Airsoft Gas: Airsoft Gas is specifically designed for airsoft guns powered by gas. It provides the necessary pressure and propellant for the gun to function, ensuring reliable performance.

Ballistol Range Kit: The Ballistol Range Kit is a comprehensive kit designed for shooters who frequent shooting ranges. It typically includes cleaning and maintenance products tailored to the specific needs of range shooting.

Classic Cleaning Felts: Classic Cleaning Felts are high-quality cleaning patches used for applying solvents, lubricants, and other cleaning agents to firearms. They are designed to be absorbent and provide even distribution of products.

Flexclean Bore Cleaning Rope: Flexclean Bore Cleaning Rope is a flexible cleaning tool used for cleaning the barrel of firearms. It typically features a brass brush or jag at one end and a pull cord at the other, allowing for efficient and thorough cleaning.

Carbon Cleaning Rods: Carbon Cleaning Rods are rigid rods designed for removing carbon buildup from the barrel of firearms. They come with various attachments, such as brushes and patches, to aid in the cleaning process.

Parker Hale Rod Adapter Kits: Parker Hale Rod Adapter Kits are accessories used to adapt cleaning rods to different firearms. They allow for compatibility between the cleaning rod and the specific firearm's bore.

Cold Degreaser: Cold Degreaser is a cleaning solution specifically formulated to remove grease, oil, and other contaminants from firearms and other surfaces. It evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.

Gun Cleaning Mat: A Gun Cleaning Mat is a protective mat designed for firearm cleaning and maintenance. It provides a non-slip surface and helps to protect the work area from oil, solvents, and debris.

Balsin Gun Stock Oil: Regenerates, impregnates and preserves wooden stocks Provides a fine dull finish and optimises the woodgrain. also suitable for the care of other high quality woods. Available colours: bright, reddish brown and dark brown.