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Official Ballistol UK - Trustpilot ★★★★★

BALLISTOL UK - Hunters, Sports Marksmen and Gun Collectors

BALLISTOL UK - Hunters, Sports Marksmen and Gun Collectors

Dear hunters, sports marksmen and gun collectors,

In this small book, we have summarised our knowledge and experience related to the topic of gun care for you so as to pass on to you all the tips and tricks that you require as a gun collector in order to clean and look after your guns in optimal fashion.

To gather and compile the information contained in this book, we have availed ourselves of the expertise and many years of experience of several experts with varying backgrounds. In addition to the BALLISTOL owners, chemist Dr Christian Zettler and hunter and active sports marksman An- dreas Zettler, these also include the well-known and renowned gunsmith Peter Abel, sports marksman and multiple world champion Roman Hau- ber, hunter Wolfgang Forstenaicher and an experienced professional ar- mour-bearer whose name we are not permitted to mention here.

We hope that you will find many useful tips and plenty of interesting background information in our BALLISTOL Gun Care Guide that will help you in cleaning and looking after your gun.

We wish you a lot of fun browsing and of course always good luck and good hunting.