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Ballistol Specialist Cleaners: The Ultimate Solution for Gun Maintenance and Weapon Cleaning

Ballistol Specialist Cleaners: The Ultimate Solution for Gun Maintenance and Weapon Cleaning

Guns and firearms require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Keeping your weapons clean and well-maintained is essential for reliable operation and accuracy. This is where Ballistol Specialist Cleaners come into play. With over 110 years of experience in gun maintenance and weapon cleaning, Ballistol has developed a range of specialised cleaners that are trusted by professionals and firearm enthusiasts worldwide.

Why Choose Ballistol Specialist Cleaners?

Ballistol Specialist Cleaners are not just ordinary cleaning products. They are carefully formulated to address the unique needs of gun owners and ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and performance. Here are some reasons why you should choose Ballistol for your gun maintenance and weapon cleaning:

1. Unparalleled Cleaning Power

Ballistol Specialist Cleaners are known for their exceptional cleaning power. They can effectively remove dirt, grime, carbon residue, grease, soot, and other contaminants that can accumulate on firearms and weapon accessories. Whether you need to clean the barrel, slide, frame, or any other part of your firearm, Ballistol has a specialised cleaner designed for the task.

2. Specialised Formulations for Different Applications

Ballistol offers a range of specialised cleaners tailored to specific applications. Let's take a closer look at three of our most popular products:

Plastic Cleaner:

The Ballistol Plastic Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning weapon-related plastics. It can effectively remove stubborn dirt, grease, soot, sweat, smoke, and adhesive residues from long guns, handguns, weapon cases, and bags. This cleaner is also suitable for air rifles, making it a versatile option for gun owners.

Gunparts Cleaner:

The Gunparts Cleaner from Ballistol is designed to clean all firearm surfaces thoroughly and quickly. It features a powerful cleaning action that can remove dirt and grime from surfaces and guides. Equipped with a sturdy nylon plug-in brush and high spray pressure, this cleaner can tackle even the toughest dirt and residue. It leaves a pleasant citrus scent after each use, enhancing the overall cleaning experience.

Silencer Cleaner:

Cleaning silencers can be a challenging task, especially when they cannot be dismantled. The Ballistol Silencer Cleaner provides a solution for this problem. Its specialised formulation can dissolve and neutralise combustion residues, making it easier to clean the silencer. This cleaner is particularly effective for silencers with narrow sections, fins, and small holes. For added convenience, it can also be used in a sonic cleaner to achieve optimal cleaning results.

3. Trusted and Recommended

When it comes to gun maintenance, it's crucial to rely on trusted products. Ballistol Specialist Cleaners are tested and recommended by professionals in the firearms industry. Many recommend the Ballistol Plastic Cleaner for its effectiveness and performance. This speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of Ballistol products.

4. Easy Application

Using Ballistol Specialist Cleaners is a breeze. The Plastic Cleaner and Gunparts Cleaner come with convenient spray mechanisms that allow for easy and controlled application. The Silencer Cleaner can be applied directly to the dirty silencer, simplifying the cleaning process. With their user-friendly designs, these cleaners ensure hassle-free and efficient cleaning.

5. Gentle and Residue-Free

One of the significant advantages of Ballistol Specialist Cleaners is their gentle yet powerful cleaning action. They effectively remove dirt and grime without causing any damage to your firearms. Moreover, these cleaners evaporate without leaving behind any residue or oily film. This ensures that your guns operate smoothly and reliably, without any interference from leftover cleaning agents.

6. Versatility

Ballistol Specialist Cleaners are not limited to just firearms. They can be used for various applications, making them versatile cleaning solutions. Whether you need to clean air rifles, weapon cases, bags, or other weapon-related plastics, Ballistol has you covered. This versatility makes Ballistol Specialist Cleaners a go-to choice for gun owners and shooting enthusiasts.

7. Exceptional Results

When you choose Ballistol Specialist Cleaners, you can expect exceptional results. These cleaners have been carefully formulated and tested to deliver top-notch performance. They help restore the appearance of your firearms, ensuring that they look their best. Moreover, by effectively removing dirt, grime, and residues, Ballistol Specialist Cleaners contribute to the optimal functioning of your guns.

How to Use Ballistol Specialist Cleaners?

Using Ballistol Specialist Cleaners is simple and straightforward. Here are the general steps to follow:

1. Preparation:

Ensure that your firearm is unloaded and all ammunition is safely stored away. Set up a clean and well-ventilated workspace to perform the cleaning process.

2. Application:

Apply the appropriate Ballistol Specialist Cleaner to the desired surfaces. For the Plastic Cleaner and Gunparts Cleaner, use the provided spray mechanism to apply the cleaner evenly. For the Silencer Cleaner, apply directly to the dirty silencer.

3. Penetration and Cleaning:

Allow the cleaner to penetrate and work its magic. Depending on the level of dirt and grime, you may need to let it sit for a few minutes. Use a brush or cloth to clean the surfaces thoroughly, removing any loosened dirt and residues. For silencers, ensure that the cleaner reaches all the necessary areas.

4. Rinse and Dry:

After the cleaning process, rinse the surfaces with water or wipe them down with a clean cloth to remove any remaining cleaner and residue. Ensure that all surfaces are completely dry before reassembling and storing your firearm.


When it comes to gun maintenance and weapon cleaning, Ballistol Specialist Cleaners are the go-to choice for professionals and firearm enthusiasts alike. Their powerful cleaning action, specialised formulations, versatility, and trusted performance make them the ultimate solution for keeping your firearms in top condition.

Choose Ballistol and experience the difference in maintaining the cleanliness, performance, and longevity of your guns.

FAQ Answer
1. Are Ballistol Specialist Cleaners safe to use on all types of firearms? Yes, Ballistol Specialist Cleaners are safe to use on all types of firearms, including long guns, handguns, and air rifles.
2. Can I use the Plastic Cleaner on weapon cases and bags? Absolutely! The Ballistol Plastic Cleaner is specially developed for cleaning all weapon-related plastics, including weapon cases and bags.
3. Are Ballistol Specialist Cleaners suitable for silencers? Yes, Ballistol offers a Silencer Cleaner specifically designed to dissolve and neutralize combustion residues in silencers, making them easier to clean.
4. Can the Gunparts Cleaner be used on delicate surfaces? Yes, the Gunparts Cleaner from Ballistol features a gentle yet powerful cleaning action, making it suitable for delicate surfaces.
5. Do Ballistol Specialist Cleaners leave any residue? No, Ballistol Specialist Cleaners evaporate without leaving any residue or oily film behind, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of firearms.
6. Can I use the Silencer Cleaner in a sonic cleaner? Yes, the Ballistol Silencer Cleaner is suitable for use in a sonic cleaner for enhanced cleaning results.
7. Are Ballistol Specialist Cleaners environmentally friendly? Yes, Ballistol Specialist Cleaners are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.
8. How often should I clean my firearms with Ballistol Specialist Cleaners? The frequency of cleaning depends on various factors such as usage and environmental conditions. It is recommended to clean your firearms regularly or after each use to maintain their performance and longevity.
9. Can Ballistol Specialist Cleaners remove rust from firearms? While Ballistol Specialist Cleaners are effective for general cleaning, they may not be specifically designed to remove heavy rust. For rust removal, it is recommended to use specialized rust removers or consult a professional gunsmith.
10. Are Ballistol Specialist Cleaners safe for use around children and pets? Ballistol Specialist Cleaners should be used in a well-ventilated area. Although they are generally safe, it is advisable to keep them out of reach of children and pets to avoid any accidental ingestion or exposure.