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H1 Food Oil

Ballistol H1 Food Oil

Ballistol H1 is primarily suitable for food processing undertakings, e.g. in the beverage industry, drink, butchery, bakeries, etc. Even households who place value on a high-quality care of their domestic appliances use Ballistol H1. Ballistol H1 is colorless, odorless and tasteless, offers an effective rust protection for all machinery and equipment. Ballistol H1 is equally suited to cleaning, lubrication and penetration. 

Our H1 Food grade oil is perfect solution for machinery in the following areas.

  • BP - Bakery Products (375)
  • CH - Chilled Foods/Prepared meals (113)
  • CN  - Canned Foods (5)
  • CO - Confectionery (94)
  • CR - Cereals/Pulses (46)
  • DP - Dairy Products (191)
  • ED - Edible Oils (27)
  • FC - Flavourings/Colourings/Ingredients (106)
  • FF - Frozen Foods (73)
  • FP - Fish Products (109)
  • FV - Fruit/Vegetables (93)
  • GF - General Foods (12)
  • HF - Health Foods/Vegan (37)
  • MA - Malt Products (20)
  • ML - Milling (42)
  • MP - Meat Products (281)
  • PL - Poultry Products (69)
  • PR - Preserves (46)
  • SD - Soft Drinks/Mineral Water (88)
  • SG - Sugar (20)
  • SN - Snack Foods (74)
  • SS - Seasonings/Sauces/Soups (74)
  • TC - Tea/Coffee/Beverages (46)

Our H1 Food Oil is a great food grade lubricant used in the food and beverage industry. High standards and requirements are in place to ensure the manufacturing process of food and beverages are completely safe to use. 

The H1 Food Oil is a special lubricant made specifically to provide smooth manufacturing process that meets the high technical requirements of the machines to efficiently keep the production lines flowing. While in complete assurance & consideration of following the food safety standards during the entire production process.

Performance Features

H1 Food Oil lubricant are often even superior to the conventional lubricants in terms of low-temperature properties, water resistance, longevity and resistance to environmental influences. With each production facility we understand they must meet the technical requirements and ensure compliance with the legal regulations of food safety and consumer protection. 

  • The H1 Food Oil has an ability to provide superior lubrication under the majority of operating conditions
  • Very good anti-wear performance resulting in greater plant utilisation
  • Food Grade Oil has inherently good water shedding properties and resistance to foaming
  • Excellent high temperature performance resists the formation of harmful products of oxidation at elevated temperatures, resulting in long oil life
  • Neutral odour and taste
  • High viscosity index
  • Good protection against corrosion of all metal working surfaces
  • Good low temperature properties down to -40 °C

Special Requirements for food grade lubricants

We understand each food production facility has unique requirements for H1 Food Oil. In majority of production lines, the lubricant must handle extreme conditions of cold or hot environments and still maintain smooth running of machinery. Resistance to Salts, Blood, Fat in meat processing is key component. H1 Food Oil must be able to withstand a number of adversities in the manufacturing / production processes.